The Business Environment (BE) Cluster

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is gathering momentum, powered by its promise of massive benefits and an ever-sharp competitive advantage. To realise the potential of the 4IR, organisations need to adopt the Enterprise 5.0 model. Simply put, this means looking beyond 4IR technology to generate insights gleaned from continuous analysis of vast amounts of data collected by smart, connected technology spanning the entire value chain.

The 4Sight BE cluster partners with our customers to drive value-creating digital transformation. Digital transformation of an entire enterprise requires the convergence of the OT and IT environments. This convergence ensures that business applications are developed on enterprise data that enables better and more informed decision making.

The BE cluster consists of the data enablement, modern digital enterprise, and DevOps focused capabilities all from our 4Sight AccTech Systems subsidiary.

Rudi Dreyer

Chief BE Officer

Eugenie McCloskey

Sales Director

Modern Digital Enterprise (MDE)

Solution Assessments

Microsoft Solution Assessments are a set of industry-standard best practices that incorporate proven strategies for managing and optimising an organisation’s IT assets. An assessment identifies areas where value-enabled initiatives can be realised. The evaluation and recommendations are made by optimising an organisations Microsoft landscape. An assessment’s key drivers are identifying concise, defined outcomes and driving visible results with a potential reduction in cost.

Optimisation and Modernisation

Optimisation of the current environment (e.g. Win / SQL server upgrades). Optimisation of licensing driven by consumption and usage trends (O365 license optimisation). Modernisation of the current environment (cloud migrations, continuous monitoring, evaluation, and refinement of the hosted environment).

ERP on Azure

Microsoft Azure puts hyper-scale cloud computing power in the hands of finance and IT divisions; giving the customer access to enterprise-grade technology, data security and the required scalability to match budgetary requirements.

MDE Managed Services

Managed Services proactively handles many standard IT processes, assuming ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and problem resolution within a hosted environment. Each service has a defined set of activities and outcomes. These deliverables range from monitoring, investigation and integrity checks, maintenance, usage, adoption insights, reporting and analytics, performance and capacity, and recommendations and advice.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that can help you drive sales productivity and improve the value of your marketing efforts through social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management. The solution provides added flexibility, intelligence, productivity, and adaptability to your business environment.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM is a customer relationship management solution designed to help small and midsize businesses optimise their customer experience by offering tools to manage new and existing client relationships. Applications include integrated modules for sales and marketing automation, customer service, help desk, social CRM and more. It typically provides your business with increased revenues, real-time insights, improved business insights, and more profits.

Unified Communications and Collaborations (UC&C)

We specialise in providing a suite of UC&C tools that enable businesses of any size to collaborate more effectively and increasing productivity. Results are achieved through enabling mobility, effective deployment and activation of autonomous intelligence solutions that make recommendations and implement critical decisions.

The UC&C Contact Centre

Contact centre software helps teams unify customer services across multiple channels, resulting in a better experience for both the customer and the front-line staff. If you are looking for a powerful, but easy-to-use contact centre software that includes analytics and statistical analysis, check out our contact centre solution.

UC&C Smart IVR

Our Smart IVR solution is a South African developed solution that brings your business telephony into a cloud-based solution – Smart routing of inbound calls and advanced dialler solutions, with automated routing optimisation and real-time reporting. Our system also integrates with any telephony system currently in place.

Data Enablement Division

Data Assessments Overview

Easy to implement assessments, either in the form of a company-wide questionnaire or a focused, limited scope technical assessment of the organisation’s current state. Our data assessments measure maturity, quality, and usage.

Data Vault Implementations

Data Vault is one of the world’s leading data modelling methodologies. The solution simplifies the data ingestion process, removes the cleansing requirement, provides audibility, quickly adds new data sources without structural changes and consolidates disparate data sources into unified business concepts.

Packaged Reporting Solutions

Packaged Reporting Solutions are reporting solutions built on the Data Vault methodology that address a specific business area or customer need. It is pre-packaged and requires minimal customisation to make it usable for other customers.

DevOps Division


ModernFlow.Cloud is a Process Management solution that enables companies to design, model and execute their processes to ensure companies policies and rules are implemented. Using Microsoft’s Azure platform and services like AI and ML, we enable intelligent process management to automatically analyse and optimise business processes. Microsoft Power Platform forms part of a more prominent solution that drives automation through RPA.


xPortal.Cloud is an enablement framework designed to provide a simplified and centralised experience for users to interact with your organisation’s line-of-business systems and data. It serves as an extension of your organisation. It enables external parties to consume information or even contribute to your LOB systems’ content and data in a controlled and secure manner.


IGN is a software integration management tool that manages the whole ETL process on transaction level. The tool provides middle layer management to the ETL process independent of source and target systems and data sources.

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