Mining, Manufacturing, Energy & Chemicals

Digitisation and technology are driving unprecedented change within the mining, resources and manufacturing industries. Increasingly, companies across the globe are digitising physical processes through the implementation of industry 4.0 technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Simulation (Digital Twin), Autonomous Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to automate various functions.

The MMEC Cluster provides key 4IR technologies and services needed to help industrial customers with their full end-to-end digital transformation journey, while following a cost effective and low risk self-funding methodology. This allows customers to remain competitive in the digital economy while making sure any digital initiative has a 6 month or better return on investment (ROI).

The Mining, Manufacturing, Energy and Chemicals Cluster has continued to grow and now consists mainly of four key Subsidiaries namely BluESP, Age Technologies, Simulation Engineering Technologies and One Source Africa.

Rudi Dreyer

Executive: Mining, Manufacturing, Energy and Chemicals

Willie Ackerman

Chief Sales Officer


By digitising the physical world using Industrial IoT, we create visibility of the complete end to end value chain. We also have the expertise to automate any process or part of any process to drive efficiency improvement.

We are a Systems Integrator (SI) for all the major PLC and SCADA suppliers. We believe that a deep understanding of the industrial environment is essential to ensure data reliability and integrity. Without data reliability and integrity, no smart technology can deliver successful results.

Manufacturing-execution systems

Manufacturing-execution systems is the layer between the IIOT sensors and the ERP system. No sensor gives a perfect reading and most companies use spreadsheets to manipulate production data for reporting. That means production reporting is still in hindsight.

We are specialists in using production accounting and mass balance principles to calculate production data in realtime without human intervention. This allows direct integration with the ERP, real-time production and financial reporting and the elimination of manual data manipulation. We specialise in taking production and financial reporting.

Real-time control and optimisation

We are the world leaders in real-time optimisation of mining processing units and have many years' experience in applying this technology to the petrochemical sector.

We develop a digital twin of a processing plant, define all the constraints on the plant and combine that with the plant economics. The technology calculates the optimum operating point and writes to the setpoints of the PLC or DCS controllers at the appropriate frequency, to optimise the profitability of the plant. All projects are delivered at a better than 6 months return on investment.

Prescriptive maintenance

With our partner AspenTech, we are taking the world leading prescriptive maintenance technology to market. The technology is data driven and uses both equipment and process data and Machine Learning to predict failure in equipment to component level up to 8 weeks in advance.

Value chain simulation / Digital twin

We use simulation to develop a digital twin of the total value chain. The twin is fine-tuned with actual data and takes into account things like maintenance schedules, unplanned breakages and logistics.

We then use the twin to identify bottlenecks that are the lowest hanging fruit for improvements using our array of digital solutions. From here we can define and drive our self-funding digital transformation model. The twin can be used for "what if" analysis and decision making. We have a 14-year track record delivering simulation solutions to the mining sector.

Supply chain optimisation

Our end-to-end value chain simulation can be integrated with the manufacturing-execution solution and upgraded to a very cost effective advanced scheduling tool solution for our digital customers. We are also a supplier and implementer of AspenTech’s world leading supply chain optimisation technologies.

Automated and intelligent demand forecasting, intelligent algorithms and risk-based scheduling optimise the value chain from end-to-end.

Energy optimisation

We have a well-defined methodology for finding energy savings opportunities and implementing better that 6 month ROI projects to minimise energy consumption and costs, and to eliminate energy wastage.

Our model is self-funding and can include the implementation of green energy solar solutions to supplement an organisation's energy requirements and minimise energy costs, without compromising on production output and electricity supply.

Cyber security

As digitisation drives new IOT devices, IT OT integration, remote connections, connections to customers’ and suppliers’ networks, the risk in terms of cyber intrusions is forever increasing.

We supply industry leading technologies to secure devices and networks to help minimise the associated risks.

ICT Solutions

We offer a range of turnkey enterprise ICT services that include ERP, payroll and HR, workflow and integration, data enablement and business intelligence solutions.

We can also help optimise Microsoft licensing across the organisation with an immediate saving that can be the start of our self-funding model.

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